NW Rigging to Lake Washington

On Friday, April 20th, the Northwest Rigging crew traveled to the shores of Lake Washington to fix furler issues aboard a 90’s vintage Hunter 43.  It was a Pro-Furl brand furler and the owner reported he had been using the winch to deploy and furl the genoa for many years.  That did not sound right.  It was discovered, due to many installation errors, the forestay was spinning in and out of the turnbuckle each time!  Fortunately, the owner didn’t sail much but was looking forward to retirement in a few weeks and planned to use the boat more often.

The NW Rigging crew was able to string through a new forestay without taking the whole system apart and add some set screws to fix a few other rig tune issues.  Additionally, we lubed the masthead sheaves, cleaned up the radar dome and the boat was better than ever in one afternoon.

Are you struggling with your furler? You shouldn’t be!  Give Northwest Rigging a call.

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