Lifelines are called lifelines for a reason.

The backbone structure of your lifeline system, checking to make sure the bases are strong and deck areas are solid and thru-bolts are tight and not rusted due to their anarobic environment (buried in bedding compound without oxygen). We repair all levels of stanchion from replacing soft and saturated deck cores, to installing new stanchions or simply re-bedding existing stanchions. Ask us about any stanchion concerns you might have.

Turn Buckles
Turnbuckles over time can seize up and be less than ideal for keeping tension on your lifeline. We can replace them with either open body or tubular (closed body) styles. We can also use your existing turnbuckles if they are in servicable condition and simply put new cable ends fittings onto the new cable that thread into your old turnbuckles

Gates can be replaced or added anywhere between two stanchions. Talk to us about moving gates or adding them to different areas along your lifeline.

Pulpits / Pushpits
Bow and stern rails can be installed or modified, we have several sources for custom stainless fabrication if need be.

Pelican Hooks
Pelican hooks are the most used and abused part of a lifeline system. We offer two kinds of pelican hooks, the best upgrade for increased security and ease of use are the over-center pelican hooks. These are the highest quality (made in USA) hooks on the market. It is the single best upgrade you can make when replacing old lifelines.