Cable Railing

Experienced in marine grade cable railing – for home, office or vacation property.  These superior marine grade fittings and wire are the same top quality that we provided for the National Geographic Lindblad explorer expedition vessels.

The key to this using this product is the strength, simplicity, lifetime durability, minimal maintenance and the way to retain a unobstructed view from your deck or home.

Whether your rails are steel, aluminum or wood, our cable installation is easily adaptable and is ready for any custom application.

If you are tired of cleaning glass or watching your wood turn green, cable railing is the product for you.

Other innovative solutions achieved with cable wire & fittings:

We have hung art, concert speakers, netting and signage and built custom garden trellis for privacy using innovative solutions gleaned from the marine industry.  Stainless steel cable is virtually indestructible and is available in many sizes down to 1/8th inch.

Husky, Cowboy and Mariners stadiums have literally miles of it because of the safety and durability it offers without compromising the views.  It has always been a popular option around marinas and is very quickly gaining popularity in private homes and decks.