Boat Show Time!

My ever lovin father and I didn’t agree on much but one place we found common ground was the Seattle Boat Show. Each year we would make the annual pilgrimage and then head over to FX MCRory’s for the obligatory cup of chowder. Much of the hijinks and antics that took place inside of the old Kingdom are gone put much fun remains. Hop the train in Mt Vernon and ride it straight to King St. station, walk across the parking lot and you are there. Hourly shuttles to the in the water show. Well known secret is that your favorite sailmaker or rigging shop that you patronize will be happy to leave you tickets at the “will call” window:) Goto the website for all the seminar details, job fair, special events and the like. Best prices you will see all year on most items and the seminars are entertaining and educational.


Sign up for PHRF-NW, sign up for ‘Round Shaw Winter Classic, sign up for Girts Rekevics Memorial Foul Weather Race!
Save some money for chowder though:)

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