5 free services provided in every Rig Inspection

Northwest Rigging provides great value added services to all of our  Rig Inspections:

1.  Digital photo of your masthead and your boat from the masthead.

2.  Clean off mildew from the underside of your spreaders and radar dome.

3.  Check lighting

4.  Lubricate masthead sheaves.

5.  Measure and record rig tension.

All done at no additional cost to our customers!

Call Northwest Rigging to do your rig inspections.

Excellent customer service is our priority

This comes directly from our customer:

Hi Andy,

Thank you for turning around the new linelines for us so quickly.  It is refreshing that I don’t need to follow up that you received our package, call you numerous times to check on the status or request the invoice.  Not to mention the quality work you always do. This is why I keep recommending you to customers when it is best for them to go direct and calling you myself whenever needed.

Have a great weekend, I’m so glad you do what you do!

Vice President Jensen Shipyard