Mike B.
Mike B.  ,  
Keith just finished the removal and replacement of my spreaders…. He did a wonderful job and his knowledge is indeed vast. He works safe and pays attention to detail. I will recommend you folks and call again when needing assistance.
Terry Paine
Terry Paine Owner, Red Jacket 70′ Schooner
The furler works just as you said, Great!      

Ocean Watch
Ocean Watch ,
From the icy reaches of the arctic to the fury of Cape Horn – and all of the 27,000 nautical miles of the Around the Americas voyage – the rigging package put together by the team at Northwest Rigging for Ocean Watch was perfect. Zero rigging concerns and zero rigging failures through some of the most difficult conditions any of us had ever experienced. I’ve no doubt the rigging could do it all again – but the rest of us . . . well, we are getting older! Many thanks to Northwest Rigging from the Ocean Watch Team. Mark Schrader, Captain
Don & Andi Taylor
Don & Andi Taylor Sequim, WA
Just a note to send you all a great big “Thank You” for furnishing and installing a new Harken cruising furler # I on our Islander 30 sloop “New Sensation”. We have had a furler on our wish-list for years, but never got that far, so when you told us that we won one through your drawing at the Seattle Boat Show last January, it was great news. You and your crew came to Sequim Bay for the install, and provided great follow-up and technical assistance. Even though we have had a really busy summer, with not much sailing time, the furler works great! For our next rigging project, we will certainly be calling Northwest Rigging. Thanks again to you all.

Stan ., .
I appreciate all your work in helping with getting it together. You make things happen quickly! Thanks.
John Neal ., Mahina Expeditions
Andy,   That is very impressive. Thanks for your time and ideas yesterday.   I admire the business and crew you have built and it will be good to be associated through the series at the college.

Dave Pollon .,
Good morning, just wanted to send a note of thanks for the new standing and running rigging that was implemented on my Santana 30 by Keith Stone. Keith has a great attitude and I'm excited about the improvement to the boat!
John Neal ., Mahina Expeditions
Andy,   That is very impressive. Thanks for your time and ideas yesterday.   I admire the business and crew you have built and it will be good to be associated through the series at the college.

Howard Thompson ,
Finally got up to the boat today....and wow, thanks Kent. Everything looked great. I really appreciate the good work...
Bob Kostelnik ,
Made it home a few weeks back and wanted to share how grateful I am for the job you did. All went smoothly but we did get caught in 50 knts sustained gusting above 60 rounding Pinta point west of Petersburg AK. The next day we beat into a good 40knt wind rounding the south end of Admiralty Island on our way to Chatham Strait. Wind switched the next day and finally blew the main sail out in a 35knt northerly. Rig did great and I had total confidence in it.

Captain George A. Capacci Project Manager, Nichols Brothers Boat Builders
Andy, We are very pleased with the results. Jeff & Nate worked through challenges and minor learning events and produced a great look for this National Geographic/Lindblad Expeditions cruise ship. Thank you and Well Done…

Jeff ,
Kent - Great work. Thanks for the detailed description, photos, and all your efforts. I really appreciate your observations on small items that I might have missed.

Doug and Melanie Sherman ,
Wow John it looks fabulous! Thanks so much for all the hard work put into Makani. She's an oldie but a goodie. We truly appreciate our new (and old) Anacortes boating family and all that you guys have done in a short period of time. You guys rock! Thanks again!

Phil Johnson ,
Andy, the rig performed magnificently, I did remove that shackle under the furler drum as we discussed so the weather helm was manageable. At this point we are all good, Quinn did a great job, I am installing the messenger lines tomorrow. Thank you - Phil.

Thomas ,
Beginning with dessert, I couldn’t be more delighted with my experience at Northwest Rigging in Anacortes.  My boat was shipped from Nevada in shrink wrapped condition, arriving a day late.  I camped out in the parking lot while they worked me into the schedule.  Once the shrink wrap was removed Keith and his crew set to work stepping the masts and putting the parts together.  Everyone at NW Rigging knows their stuff and their competence came through in every phase of the process.  The improvements that they added to my 1990 boat were another pleasant surprise.  Finally, Keith delivered my boat to a travel lift and helped me get the boat to Cap Sante Marina.  When I think back on the experience, what comes through is the professionalism, competence and skill of everyone I interacted with.  They clearly care deeply about each customer’s experience and go the extra mile to make everyone feel at home.  Five spoons NW Rigging.  Thanks.

Rob Zavatsky Project Engineer/Naval Architect, Nichols Brothers Boat Builders
We were very pleased with Northwest Rigging’s work and we’re looking forward to using you guys again.