Our Team


Andy Schwenk


Andy Schwenk began sailing as a teenager in 1978 with a neighbor from the local yacht club. He worked summers during high school crewing on charter boats and made the first of 37 Pacific crossings in 1982, after his junior year in high school

After graduating from Anacortes High School he competed in the Southern Ocean Racing Circuit in Florida and the Bahamas before delivering boats between the Gulf Coast and California and in the South Pacific.

At Western Washington University Andy competed on the sailing team, twice reaching the Kennedy Cup and placing in the 1987 Collegiate National Championship. After graduating in 1989 with a degree in United States History, Andy joined the Army’s 75th Ranger Regiment where he trained as a forward observer.

After being honorably discharged in 1993, he earned his teaching certificate at Seattle’s Antioch University and taught middle school English and Social Studies for ten years.

In 2005, his friend and mentor Girts Rekevics, then fighting cancer, approached him about buying Northwest Rigging. They worked together until Girts passed away in 2007.

Andy earned a 100 ton Master’s license from the US Coast Guard in 1993 and has since logged over 2500 days on the water, both inshore and offshore in literally scores of different boats ranging from pilothouse cutters to high performance racing sloops. This summer he will complete his 38th pacific crossing when he competes in the 2014 Pac Cup, double-handing a Santa Cruz 27’ from San Francisco to Hawaii.

He and his wife Stephanie own and race the Wild Rumpus, a Santa Cruz 27’ and have placed in the National Championships three times since 2009.

Andy is the proud father of two boys, Kai and Dylan, both raised as much on the water as off. He also serves on the Anacortes Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors and is President of the Anacortes Marine Trades Association.


Kent Morrow

Master Rigger


Kent Morrow joined Northwest Rigging in 2005. Born and raised in Southern California, Kent bought his first sailboat, a Sea Spray 15′ Catamaran, at the age of 14. In the three decades since, he has been racing and working on boats almost continuously.

After high school, Kent traded in his Sea Spray, and many saved pennies, for a Coronado 30′ and lived aboard while studying at The University of California at Santa Cruz. In his senior year he led the team that beat Stanford to win the West Coast Collegiate Sailing Championship and placed second to the Naval Academy in the National Championship.

Kent began working at West Marine in 1992, quickly becoming a trainer and joining the management ranks. After a successful completion of the 1993 Pacific Cup on his Explorer 45′,  he met Andy Schwenk, the future owner of Northwest Rigging, who helped deliver the boat back to the Pacific Northwest.

In 1994 Kent left West Marine to start his own dealership and began racing Ultimate 20s. He placed in five consecutive U20 National championships, winning the title in 1999 and 2000.

In 2001 he expanded his dealership and began importing the Freydis 46′, a high performance catamaran designed by Eric LeRouge and built in LaRochelle, France by Soubuise Plaisance.

In 2005 Andy Schwenk bought Northwest Rigging and called on him to help “spin wrenches” on a part-time basis. Part-time soon became full-time and Kent has been integral to the growth of Northwest Rigging over the last eight years.

Jerry Vanderveen

Architectural & Mast Sales


The list of things Jerry has accomplished is clearly diverse.  He owned and operated a successful agricultural business for 26 years prior to joining Northwest Rigging in 2007.   He has donated a great amount of his time to society as a Conservationist, Environmentalist, and leader in various trade groups.  He was selected for a two-year leadership fellowship where he studied at the University of Washington,, Central Washington University, Washington State University, and in New York, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Europe, and the former Soviet Union. He has traveled in more than two dozen countries and most of the United States.  He is fluent in Spanish, Frisian  and hacks his way through several others. Jerry also has spent many year acting on stage and film.

Jerry likes to think that he’s still a country farmer, however he absolutely loves being on the water. He carries a USCG Master’s license (100T NC) and Mate (200T NC) and spends a great deal of time instructing, captaining, and delivering boats all over the planet.  He has over 3000 days underway accepted and documented by the USCG.  He competitively races sailboats, including his own, mainly around the Salish Sea, and has the trophies to prove it.

 Jerry enjoys working with Andy and the crew at Northwest rigging.  He has experience doing almost everything pertaining to rigging but presently focuses upon mast design and sales, architectural railings, and special projects.  He seems to believe that meeting new people and playing with their boat-toys is fun.