Marine Services

We are a full-service rigging shop. We will replace or update your equipment, if for safety reasons or to enhance the performance of your boat. We have the knowledge and experience to fill all of your nautical needs. Our Roller Swaging machine and Kearney machine allow us to make the most durable and professional standing rigging, lifelines and dinghy rigging possible.

We will:

  • replace your lifelines and standing rigging to insure the safety of you and your crew.
    repair or replace your mast;
  • work with you to design the best deck system for your boat;
  • get you the best furlers, boom vangs, rod kickers, spinnaker poles, lazy jacks and any other gear that can improve your boats performance and make it easier to handle;
  • If you enjoy racing your boat or using it for the pleasure of cruising the islands, we will enhance your experience by improving your boats equipment; and
  • either you can choose to mail it in or we will come to your boat.

We also supply arctitectural hardware and stainless steel cable to create the most attractive interior or exterior deck railings. See our Architectural section for more information.